Introducing WhatsApp Business API

Introducing Whatsapp Business Api

Messaging apps are bridging the communication gap and helping people connect across continents and time zones. Over the last decade, people’s use of mobile messaging apps has been steadily rising. Facebook reports that by 2021, the global user base for mobile messaging apps will have risen by 23%. And WhatsApp is riding the wave and leading the revolution as it enjoys first place in the list of most popular messaging app globally.

Ever since WhatsApp was launched in 2009, people slowly but surely gravitated towards the app. With the rise of so many affordable smartphones crowding the markets, advances in data technology, the user base for WhatsApp multiplied over time. Facebook claims that they currently have a user base of 1.5 billion active WhatsApp accounts worldwide.

Over the years, the app has evolved to add in features such as voice, video, live locations, GIFs and stickers. People are no more limited to just messaging and they are increasingly spending more and more time on the messaging app. Facebook reports people spend 2 billion minutes on WhatsApp calls and share 4.5 billion photos, one billion videos and 80 million GIFs everyday! The messaging app has transformed the way people are communicating today.

1. Why go with WhatsApp Business API?

With the rollout of the WhatsApp for Business API by Facebook, businesses can leverage the personal messaging platform too.

Do more with WhatsApp. From providing round the clock customer support through a private chat to sharing delivery updates, WhatsApp can be used for multiple purposes by businesses. Businesses can send out reminders about upcoming events, share invoices and flight or movie tickets, enable purchases or bookings, collect data by integrating their CRM tools, amongst other things.

The ability to send out rich media communications. You can now reach out to your customers via separate channels for separate purposes. For example, you can send out promotional messages via SMS and email and leverage WhatsApp to drive two-way conversations, notify and transact using emojis, images, documents and much more.

Consumers trust WhatsApp and have been using it for years. WhatsApp wants to continue to  provide users with a spam-free and consent driven experience while interacting with businesses. For the WhatsApp Business API to be effective and consent driven, customers can either opt-in to receive messages, or businesses can obtain consent from an out of band channel. Additionally, only pre-approved messages can be used by businesses to notify or initiate a conversation with consumers. This ensures a spam-free and safe experience for the end user and customer.

2. Why’s message API offers a simple way to reach your customers over WhatsApp. You can get started for free with a pre-configured sandbox number in your account and we will help you get your own verified business identity on WhatsApp when you’re ready for production. Apart from the fact that your business can now get through to customers on a channel where their communications are most likely to be read and responded to, the API offers has a hosts of other benefits such as:

Scalability and Reach. Businesses need to spend on infrastructure capable of integrating with WhatsApp containers globally. Therefore the responsibility for hosting, managing, and scaling infrastructure in multiple regions as volumes increase can deter businesses from getting onboard. With you don’t need to sweat about investing in or maintaining infrastructure. Dedicated containers for each WhatsApp number are hosted as first class citizens with the rest of our highly available and scalable container fleet. You can read more about our cluster orchestration here.

Unified API with SMS fallback: We offer one simple API which supports multiple channels. Switching channels is as simple as changing a single API input parameter. We also allow you to configure intelligent fail-over and automatically fallback to SMS if your user is not on WhatsApp.

Seamless two-way communication: The API enables seamless two-way communication. Customers can respond and interact with a business, request transactions, updates, information — all of which can be automated on the business end through artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) software — as well as interact with human agents when needed.

In Conclusion

The WhatsApp Business API is the giant that no business can afford to ignore anymore. The future of messaging seems to have a clear winner with no competition for miles in sight. With the right collaboration, the platform can be leveraged to unlock the potential for creating engaging customer experiences at scale that can help companies establish long-lasting customer relationships.

Sign up now and send your first WhatsApp message today! Drop us a line at, if you have any questions.

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