Do More With the WhatsApp Business Solution

Whatsapp Business Solution

Across a number of industries, you can use WhatsApp to notify, converse and engage with customers through their most preferred messaging app. WhatsApp can act as a dynamic platform to drive two-way conversations and improve customer satisfaction. Also, the fact that customers do not have to download an additional app poses as a major motivational factor for them to engage with businesses via an app they already use and trust.

WhatsApp presents two possibilities.

Brands can use the platform to send out communications to notify consumers. If the consumer reaches out with a query or a response, two-way communication between users and the brand is possible, provided the brand responds within the 24-hour window.

Additionally, users need to first opt-in via the brand’s website or any other such channel to be able to receive messages on WhatsApp.

Let us break this down via each industry for you.

  • Banking, Insurance & Financial Services (BFSI)
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Automobiles
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Consumer electronics, Appliances & Durables

1. Banking, Insurance & Financial Services (BFSI)

Customers today would rather carry out most transactions digitally rather than talking to an agent or visiting the branch.

Banking, Insurance and Financial Services can carry out most of their processes that require agent interactions and high wait time for customers with ease on WhatsApp.


Whether it is updating KYC or a mutual fund risk preference, helping a customer understand the account opening process or something as critical as reporting fraud/loss/block of a card, banks and financial institutions can use the WhatsApp Business solution to simplify processes and make them convenient for their customers and employees alike.

Enterprises can also use the medium to notify and keep their customers informed for processes such as transaction alerts, OTP authentication, trade summary and confirmations, portfolio updates, policy renewal reminders and so much more.

Alternatively, customers can chat with a customer care agent to request the program to retrieve information for mini statements, and even update important information such as adding on an insurance nominee for example. The platform can also be used to address customer grievances and locate ATM and insurance branches and calculate insurance premiums and loans.

Do More With The Whatsapp Business Solution

2. Travel & Hospitality

Adding WhatsApp to your communication suite will make you a more reachable and better-connected host and travel partner. You can carry out an entire buyer’s journey end-to-end in WhatsApp. For example, the interested customer can initiate a ticket booking enquiry with a WhatsApp message which can be responded with seat availability and prices.

After the customer shares his preferences, you can next help the customer with the booking by sharing a URL where the customer can make the payment. You can close the transaction by sending out a confirmation message after the payment has been made and next share the ticket, invoice and PNR number. Prior to the flight, the customer can enquire about the flight status and also complete his web-check, all via the same platform.

The platform can also be used to keep customers informed about important reminders and updates.

3. Automobiles

Use WhatsApp to provide a better overall customer experience. Before a sale, you can let potential customers locate a showroom, schedule an appointment or a test drive and also manage dealers within the same application. After the sale, for existing customers, you can share insurance processing alerts, smart car functions and updates and roadside assistance.


Customers can also directly reach out to you if they want to check on their invoice, insurance status, warranty information and feedback on the entire process. WhatsApp can also double up as a round-the-clock customer care service to address customer grievances, unstructured queries and FAQs, provided you add on technologies and build chatbots integrated with knowledge repositories to draw out responses.

Do More With The Whatsapp Business Solution

4. Retail

With the rise of e-commerce, retail enterprises need to put in more effort to retain their customers. An investment in WhatsApp will result in higher customer retention numbers and eventually a higher annual ROI (return on investment). Use WhatsApp as part of your retention strategy to inform customers about holidays and maintenance activities.

You can share gamification messages and offer them to look for product information when you are expecting long wait-times outside trial rooms during sales. After a purchase, share transaction details and collect feedback.

If you can add on Natural Language Processing technology (NLP), then you can use the platform to support two-way communication with their customers and help them with several services. Existing customers can seek information on the purchase or want to update their profiles, while customers interested in making a purchase might want store locations – and all of this information can be shared via WhatsApp with rich text content supported by images.

5. E-commerce

E-commerce being a digital medium that attracts people because of its convenience must factor in the need for upgrading their customer experience consistently. It is important to develop key touch points with customers since the whole process for an e-commerce player is virtual.

E Commerce 1

E-commerce players can also easily avoid any negative feedback or losing out on their customer base if they share information of delays, order cancellations, refund status and delivery reschedules with their customers ahead of time. To supplement the sales process, information such as transaction success, order processing and shipping status can easily be shared via WhatsApp.

In case things escalate, and you need to manage customer grievances, you can use WhatsApp for a live customer care and FAQ channel and also take up unstructured queries via the channel, provided you build a chat interface with NLP and have the resources to respond to live queries.

Do More With The Whatsapp Business Solution

6. Medical and Healthcare

With platforms now available to review and recommend doctors, the perspective on healthcare as an industry has changed drastically over the years. Customers now expect more value, best-in-class facilities and a higher level of expertise from a healthcare service/institution.

WhatsApp can act as a mediator and facilitate several urgent requests from sharing test reports to updates on insurance processing and outstanding balance.  Leverage WhatsApp to share reminders and updates for appointments to avoid long queues outside waiting rooms and disgruntled patients. You can also share available appointments schedules and allow them to reschedule appointments in case of delays or change of schedules on either your or the customer’s end.

The platform can also be used for a host of other services by customers like browsing services, package selection and FAQs by sharing URLs, sharing well-designed images/PDFs or building chatbots.

7. Consumer electronics, Appliances & Durables

There is no dearth of new products and appliances in the market today. With innovative technologies and so many new products available across channels, how does a brand develop and maintain brand loyalty with their customers? The answer is simply by valuing customers, taking note of their grievances and queries and providing better customer support.

Consumer Electronics

And all of this can be easily monitored via one platform — WhatsApp. Whether a new software version or update is available or if the warranty is about to expire, Karix can help you send out automated WhatsApp messages to your customers.

Information like product verification, warranty details, service center location can easily be available at their fingertips by integrating or building a Knowledge Repository to the WhatsApp Business API. You can make it is easier and more convenient for customers to now book service appointments, and request for warranty extension, all via the same platform.

In Conclusion

We have curated a simple list to get your imagination kick started. In all these situations, consumers can opt-in to receive WhatsApp messages, receive useful notifications, or search for the relevant business in their WhatsApp contacts, type out a query, and retrieve important information that can help them make important decisions. Businesses can also drive two-way conversations and support customers with queries or complaints.

However, you do not want to spend time, investment and precious resources without the right team and service providers to help you down this road. Sign up and get started with’s WhatsApp Business API today!

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