How can I access the WhatsApp sandbox?

A WhatsApp sandbox should be available once you sign up at https://cloud.karix.io/user/register

What can I use the WhatsApp sandbox for?

Using the sandbox will allow you to begin integration and testing straight away; no special access is needed.

What kind of messages can I send out via the sandbox?

You can only send test messages via the sandbox. After adding a number to the sandbox, you can communicate for 24 hours. After that to reinitiate dialogue, you can use one of the pre-approved templated messages.

What does the upgraded Karix API support?

We have released Karix API v2.0 with support for channels which you can use to send messages to WhatsApp numbers in your sandbox.

How can I add a number to my WhatsApp sandbox?

Our video explains how easy it is to get started with WhatsApp with karix.io’s sandbox environment.

How can I send out outbound messages?

Outbound messages can be sent using our Omni channel Messaging API and Inbound Events are delivered to Web hook specified for the sandbox on the Dashboard.

How can I remove sandbox restrictions and move my application to production?

To take your application to production (and remove sandbox restrictions) you will have to get your business use case approved by WhatsApp and create a verified business profile for each of the phone numbers you intend to use for reaching users over WhatsApp. We are official WhatsApp partners and will carry out all these activities for you. Please write to us at sales@karix.io when you want a dedicated number for production use.

For all help and support, write to us at support@karix.io