For all help and support, write to us at support@karix.io


How can I add funds to my account?

You can add funds to your account from the payments page We accept all major credit cards such as American Express, Visa, Master Card, DISCOVER network, and JCU.

What programming languages can I use to interact with karix.io APIs?

You can use any programming language of your choice to interact with karix.io APIs. We provide helper libraries for most programming languages

Do I need a credit card to start using karix.io?

No, you do not require a credit card. Just signup, verify your phone number and start using the service with the provided free credits! When you’re satisfied you can add a card and add credits to your account balance here.

How much am I charged for a long SMS?

Pricing for a single SMS is listed on our pricing page. For long messages that are split into parts you are charged the cost of a single SMS multiplied by total parts.

Take for example, a message that is 200 chars in length and sent to a destination that costs $0.0075. If the message contains only GSM characters, it will be split into two parts (153 chars + 47 chars) and you will be charged $0.015 (2 x $0.075) and if the message contains one or more unicode chars, it will be split into 3 parts (67 chars + 67 chars + 66 chars) and you will be charged $0.0225 (3 x $0.075). The message split is only for billing purposes, it will show up as a single concatenated message on most mobile handsets

What is the character limit for an SMS?

A single SMS can allow upto 140 bytes which is 160 GSM encoded characters (7 bits each) or 70 unicode-encoded characters (2 bytes each). If your text contains characters that are not in the GSM charset, it will be treated as a unicode message

How do I send a bulk SMS?

You can send a bulk SMS by calling the same message API that is used for a single SMS. You can provide a comma separated list of destination numbers in E.164 format in the destination array. We support upto 100 destinations per API call