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A reliable service with high uptime

24/7 Networks Operation Centre

We have a NOC team that is monitoring and reacting to system alerts round the clock. They work with a playbook at hand along with necessary level of escelation policies in place.


Reliable Releases

All our code updates go through a build pipeline that runs a test suite both per service and at an integration level. We follow the blue-green deployment technique that reduces downtime and risk by temporarily running two identical production environments.

Infrastructure Redundancy

Our infrastructure is designed to have redundancy across regions. Coupled with intelligent failover and elastic scaling this ensures minimum disruption of your traffic, giving you a high QoS.


Found a vulnerability? Write to us we’ll address it with high priority

Industry Standard Security


All traffic to our infrastructure is encrypted using TLS (transport layer security) to protect your data. This ensures that no third parties or intermediatery can sniff traffic between your application and our infrastructure.


We support HTTP Basic Auth (always over SSL). Secure Auth ID and Auth tokens are generated for every account or subaccount. You can view or change your auth token at any time by logging in to the GUI. All requests to your infrastructure from us are also cryptographically signed.  

Network Firewalls

All systems are firewalled to ensure that only ports required to run a service are open. Our non public facing infrastructure is also partitioned in such a way that it only receives traffic from whitelisted internal clusters and drops all packets from the public internet.

Access Control

Only authorized presonnel are allowed access to backend infrastructure. We also have fine grained access control for internal teams for administration/maintainence activities. An extensive audit log of all user interaction from these teams is mainitained and is subject to regular checking.

Payments Security

We never store any of your credit card information. All credit card information is encrypted and handled by our payment provider. When you add a credit card for the first time, the data is securely transmitted directly to our payment provider from your computer.