Reach customers across the globe with our SMS API. Explore our SMS solutions for bulk broadcasts, notification messages and authentication.

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Long Sms Support
Long SMS support

Send more than just 160 characters in any language.

Best Otp Sms Provider
Alpha sender ID support

Send SMS messages using a personalized sender name.

Sms Api Integration To Connect The World
Global carrier connects
Reach out your customers across the globe in 200+ countries.

Flexible SMS pricing

Check the prices in your country to send and receive messages

Choose your favourite programming language

Get support in multiple programming languages

Choose your favourite programming language

Get support in multiple programming languages

  -H 'content-type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "channel": "sms",
    "source": "+13253077759",
    "destination": ["+1XXX8323XXX"],
    "content": {
        "text": "Sent from cURL"

from __future__ import print_function
import karix
from karix.configuration import Configuration
from karix.api_client import ApiClient
from pprint import pprint

# Configure HTTP basic authorization
config = Configuration()
config.username = 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID'
config.password = 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_TOKEN'

# Create an instance of the API class
api_instance = karix.MessageApi(api_client=ApiClient(configuration=config))

# Create the message instance
message = karix.CreateMessage(
    channel='sms', source="+13253077759", destination=["+1XXX8323XXX"],
    content={'text': 'Sent from python SDK'})

# Send the message
api_response = api_instance.send_message(message=message)

package main

import (

    httptransport ""

func main() {
    authInfo := httptransport.BasicAuth(
    channel := "sms"
    source := "+13253077759"
    params := message.NewSendMessageParams()
    params.Message = &models.CreateMessage{
        Channel:     &channel,
        Source:      &source,
        Destination: []string{"+1XXX8323XXX"},
        Content: &models.CreateMessageContent{
            Text: "Sent from Golang SDK",
    resp, err := client.Default.Message.SendMessage(params, authInfo)

    if err != nil {
require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

// Configure HTTP basic authorization
$config = new \Swagger\Client\Configuration();

// Create an instance of the API class
$apiInstance = new Swagger\Client\Api\MessageApi(
    new GuzzleHttp\Client(),

// Create the message instance
$message = new \Swagger\Client\Model\CreateMessage();


$content = new \Swagger\Client\Model\CreateMessageContent();
$content->setText("Sent from PHP SDK");

try {
    $result = $apiInstance->sendMessage($message);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Exception when calling MessageApi->createMessage: ', $e->getMessage(), PHP_EOL;

Always keep your customers…


Share important information like notifications, alerts and reminders


Keep customers engaged with surveys, polls, recommendations etc


Ensure your customer data is secure with OTP verification

Out of the box SMS solutions

Sms Broadcasts
SMS Broadcasts

Send bulk SMS broadcasts to customers across 200+ countries with our SMS API. Promote offers, conduct surveys, carry out awareness drives and much more.

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Notification Messages
Notification messages

Share critical information related to banking or authentication, provide customer support with information on transaction and shipping status, share payment reminders and much more.

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Otp Authentication 300x250 300x250
OTP and Authentication

Share OTPs to help your customers secure transactions, sign in or register and access important information such as loyalty points, transport details and much more.

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Do more with less hassle

Unified Api
Unified API

Single API that supports SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and RCS with intelligent fall-back mechanism.

Immediate Onboarding
Seamless two-way communication

The API enables seamless two-way communication. Customers can respond and interact with a business, request information and much more.

Immediate Onboarding
Scalability and Reach

With you don’t need to sweat about investing in or maintaining infrastructure. Our APIs and reach are elastic enough to scale as you go.

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

With best-in-industry pricing and extensive round the clock support, we are a popular choice for developers.

Benefits of using SMS to Engage Customers

Sms Over Email And Phone
SMS over email and phone

According to recent reports, customers increasingly favour SMS over other mediums like email and phone calls.

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Default Messaging App
Default messaging app

Although messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber claim to have over 1 billion unique active users, SMS is the default messaging app for mobile phone users globally.

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It has been reported that one-third of the world’s phones aren’t “smart enough” to receive advanced messages like QR codes.

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