Driving Discovery to Conversion with Ads that
Click to WhatsApp

Driving Discovery To Conversion

1. Messaging to win the consumer’s heart

The new Click to WhatsApp CTA on Facebook ads is the perfect answer to a marketer’s dilemma of getting lost in the consumer’s Newsfeed. According to a report by Facebook Insights, 53% of people surveyed said that they would prefer to shop with a business they can contact through a chat app. While 56% of people surveyed said that they would rather message than call customer service. It is easy to get lost in a newsfeed but if you offer consumers the chance to message the business directly, you can get their attention and also offer customer support with relevant information.

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Facebook is offering a gold mine for marketers and advertisers by bringing Ads that Click to WhatsApp to more countries after introducing it last year. This means that you can now post an ad on Facebook or Instagram and drive your users to open a chat with your business on WhatsApp to address customer queries and concerns, offer customer support and increase conversion rates!

2. How does this work?

After you sync your Facebook Business account with your WhatsApp Business account, it is easy to get started. You can boost a post or create an ad on Facebook or Instagram and direct your users to your WhatsApp Business account. When a person taps on the Send Message CTA in the Facebook ad, they will be transferred to a pre-filled WhatsApp chat where they can message your business quickly. For people that don’t have WhatsApp installed on their phone and want to click to open a chat with the business, they will be asked if they want to download the messaging app.

3. How can different Businesses use Click to WhatsApp to their benefit?

Marketers can now use Facebook and Instagram ads more effectively by adding a CTA that redirects users to continue the conversation on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Business API is a great way to offer customer support through live agents or using Natural Language Processing for a Structured Chat. Whatever route you choose, getting onboard means you can connect to millions of the 1 billion people around the world who use WhatsApp every day, and use the channel to connect and converse with customers successfully.

We share a few use cases for each industry below. In all these cases, it is important to have a human agent, especially in cases of escalation, available on WhatsApp through live chat or alternately through phone, email or web chat.

4. E-commerce/Retail:

The biggest problem plaguing e-commerce players today are abandoned carts. But it might be easier to convince users over a WhatsApp chat, with relevant product details to make a purchase of a product they had in their wish list or cart. Users can be targeted and segmented with smart Marketing Automation Tools and relevant content tailored for the Facebook ad. Using the Website Custom Audience feature on Facebook, you can then direct interested consumers to a live chat or automated chat and speed up the buying process.

Whether it is helping consumers to find the right product, or using the buyer’s purchasing history to target them with relevant promotions, discount offer campaigns, you can advertise these on the users’ newsfeed with targeted campaigns and offer customer support on WhatsApp with more details on products mentioned in the Facebook/Instagram Ad. However, this should not conflict with WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy.

Woodie Way

Users love exclusive and inspirational content. Imagine your favorite furniture label is offering all the items in your Wishlist at a discount. In another scenario, a student is looking for house and he sees an ad on his timeline “Looking for a new apartment on Victoria Street? Message us on WhatsApp to get a listing of what is available in the area based on your budget and requirements”. He clicks on the message and in a few minutes, with the help of the virtual assistant built in the WhatsApp Business API, he could find the house he envisioned.


Advertisers can promote a fast food ad for a food ordering service, or an upcoming event or even a bookings promotion via Facebook and drive consumers to WhatsApp to answer any questions and concerns and also take special requests and customizations wherever possible.


Another way to catch a users’ attention is using branding messages at scale. Such as a CSR branding initiative, “Want to learn how we are supporting child education and development in the interiors of India?” It is a great way to let people discover more about the program through WhatsApp and also connect better with the brand.

In another instance, an ad showcasing a coupon for free samples or/discounted products on Facebook could draw users to message the business on WhatsApp for a free sample or product information to get the conversation started between the brand and the customer.

6. Travel

After having purchased a flight ticket, or a trip, consumers can be coaxed to add-on services like seat upgrades and travel insurance. Facebook is a great way to get the consumer’s attention, while WhatsApp might be the perfect way to take the conversation forward and close the deal.

“How about booking your meal or upgrading your seat for your upcoming flight to Bali? Message us on WhatsApp for more details.”

Advertisers can create beautiful Facebook campaigns using Lookalikes or Custom Audiences to drive traffic to WhatsApp, wherein a bot or a live agent can help them in planning a holiday to a destination of the consumer’s choice or suggest packages based on the consumer’s needs.


7. Media and Entertainment

Although media houses and the entertainment industry cannot share premium digital content, trailers or teasers through WhatsApp, they can run campaigns to drive sales for tickets on social media and connect on WhatsApp to complete transactions and answer questions. Imagine a user sees an ad for an awaited film with the chance to pre-book tickets via WhatsApp. The virtual assistant or live agent can guide him with movie venues and seats based on his preference and complete the transaction.


8. Messaging businesses is the way forward

In conclusion, communication has evolved a full circle from telegrams to messaging apps. People are spending more time now on messaging apps than ever before. According to Forbes, people spent 85 billion hours on WhatsApp in over 3 months in 2018! Advertising on Facebook using WhatsApp messaging as a CTA is a golden opportunity for businesses to establish a personal connection with consumers at scale while also delivering a richer customer experience.

With karix.io’s sandbox environment, for the WhatsApp Business API, you can register and start testing right away! Use our helper libraries to navigate and take it forward after you have chosen a programming language of your choice. Steer your Facebook ad traffic to WhatsApp Business and convert potential prospects into happy customers with little effort and time. Explore Karix’s Unified API for SMS and the WhatsApp Business API and learn how we can help you add value to your customer engagements.

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