Why You Need to WhatsApp-enable Your Business

Whatsapp Enable Your Business

Four areas of customer connect benefiting from WhatsApp’s Business API

With the introduction of the WhatsApp Business API, enterprises can cash in on the popularity of WhatsApp and move their communications to a medium used and preferred by customers. As companies across the board begin using the WhatsApp Business API to connect with their customers in ever-evolving ways, here are a few possibilities in four broad areas of customer communications to kick-start the imagination.

1. Notifying

Presenting a banking scenario – your credit card customer has missed seeing her monthly statement which has been shared by email and SMS. The customer has previously opted-in on the bank’s website to start receiving notifications via WhatsApp. Today’s the due date and you send out a well-designed reminder through the messaging app with an image and a text. You’ve made the process more convenient, enhanced customer experience, collected your dues on time, while saving your customer from the late fee. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Notifying With Whatsapp Business

Or maybe you’re an airline. You can send your customers that have opted-in to receive WhatsApp messages, their tickets, information on delayed flights, and travel reminders, on the app they regularly use.

And as you’re imagining, the possibilities multiply. Movie tickets, refund information or invoices from eCommerce sellers, shipping details and delivery schedules from logistics providers, insurance policy renewal reminders, warranty expiry alerts and you can do so much more.

Executing Desktop And Mobile

2. Assisting

Now imagine a mutual fund customer trying to figure out the complicated KYC process. So he initiates a conversation with the bank on WhatsApp. Imagine his relief when the bank’s virtual assistant wisely guides him through the complicated process, with simple WhatsApp messages. It’s so structured and intelligent that the customer almost wants to befriend it! And it’s integrated with the core banking system, so all his responses and attachments are fed into the system without him having to log in to any other website or app.

Or maybe a prospective customer stuck in rush hour traffic scans the QR code on a newspaper ad for a new automatic transmission SUV. Just the thing to ride roughshod over his traffic blues.

Once he’s opted-in for WhatsApp communications from the car manufacturer, he is given car model options for a test drive, and everything is set up in a jiffy with the vehicle waiting at his doorstep the following weekend.

3. Retrieving

Now here’s where a host of possibilities really come into play. Information can be retrieved on demand without downloading multiple apps or struggling to keep track of numerous online credentials. Consumers can just opt-in to all the businesses they use through one of the numerous brand channels and request for information ranging from bank statements to product/service information on WhatsApp.

Maybe a stock trader is reading a forwarded news story on a stock market bull run, and quickly wants to check with their online brokerage on the stocks they own.

Retrieving Desktop And Mobile

Or maybe a customer’s washing machine has broken down and he wants to check whether it is still covered under warranty, so he can decide whether it’s time for a new purchase.

In all these situations, consumers can opt-in to receive WhatsApp messages and add the business to their contacts. In a matter of minutes or even seconds, after exchanging a set of WhatsApp messages, customers can receive the information requested with ease and at their convenience.

Interacting Desktop And Mobile

4. Interacting

From a business perspective, this is where the possibilities of the WhatsApp Business API shine through most brightly. The messaging app is built specifically for seamless interaction. So you can easily setup your live customer care, or customer grievance management using natural language processing, knowledge repositories and a chat interface. The API can help you integrate an artificial intelligence enabled virtual assistant or direct the query to an agent when needed.

With the leaps and bounds in AI-technologies, your virtual assistant can be made to understand, process, and respond to unstructured queries pulling up information as needed from the core company systems.

Consider another hypothetical situation – A customer purchased an SUV that she test drove some time ago. It’s great but linking the audio system to her phone was an exasperating experience. So she pulls up WhatsApp and asks the car company how to pair the two, and in no time at all she’s delivered a message with step-by-step instructions. The SUV owner has exactly the information she needed, at the time she needed it, without hunting for the product manual and saving precious time needed to decipher its fine print.

In Conclusion

Yet, these are just very few examples of how businesses can use WhatsApp to elevate customer experiences. Myriad other possibilities exist based on each industry given the several features of the WhatsApp Business solution. We’re sure you’ve seen some blinking arrows pointing to aspects of your business that could benefit from a WhatsApp makeover. If you think the WhatsApp Business API can help your business connect better with consumers, explore karix.io’s Unified API for SMS and WhatsApp Business.

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